Just wanting to help…

Well… my dental clinic here in Ottawa has been given notice by the provincial government to re-open again in the near future. As I said in my first blog post here at kimbits.org, I am truly grateful for having met so many new friends during my short and intense 2-month term as #KimbitDentist. I do want to make a few things clear in this blog post:

(1) Every on-line project that I was involved in and/or directing was done primarily to promote “Kim’s Convenience” and its cast members. Whether it be the GIF-tagged tweets, the screenshots in Facebook and Instagram, or the virtual Kimbit Choir pieces, the effort, time and kimbit co-ordination that went into each project were committed to achieving a simple goal: to grow the show’s fan base. There were no ulterior motives – period.

(2) The Kimbit Korean Lessons were offered so that non-Korean kimbits could get a deeper appreciation of the show, both linguistically and culturally. I must give special thanks to Getenesh Berhe (actor who plays “Semira” in Kim’s), who persevered from the first lesson to the very last lesson – and now is fluent in basic verbal and written Korean!!! I also want to send out my gratitude to all of the kimbits who attended some or all of the Korean lessons. You have become my closest and dearest kimbit friends throughout the COVID quarantine – from the times struggling through reading hangul phrases out loud to the impromptu Zoom drinking parties, it was ALL GOOD! 대단히 감사합니다!!!

There are many new duties and responsibilities that have come up for me to ensure that the dental treatment procedures in my clinic are done safely in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis. Therefore and alas, my alias as #KimbitDentist has come to an end… but hopefully it is temporary. One thing that will not come to an end are the beautiful new international friendships that I have been blessed with through Kim’s. DM me anytime if you want to practice your hangul, share some amazing golf experiences (those of you following me on Instagram and Facebook will already know about my golf obsession!), or… want to have an impromptu Zoom happy hour with me.

But, until we meet again hopefully and LITERALLY face-to-face… OK, SEE YOU!