Grateful for COVID-19…

I have received one tremendous blessing through COVID-19. The quarantine time has allowed me to connect and become friends with a beautiful group of people commonly known on social media as the “Kimbits” – fans of the globally-exploding CBC sitcom “Kim’s Convenience”. The cooler thing about this engagement (save for one connection: I first met #ProfKimbit Daniel Wong back in February at “Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Restaurant” – the same one that is profiled in Season 1 of the show!) is that the meeting of all of these new friends has happened digitally!!! But their care and love for other people is TRULY extra-ordinary: deeds of selflessness, promotion and praise of other people on social media, well-wishes coupled with prayer, random acts of kindness – these are the things that define this group of lovely human beings. They have collectively challenged me to be a better person as well. To pursue my faith. To love others more than myself. To not just talk about caring but truly care for a needy person through action. So… to Daniel, Mike, Chi, Marie, Marie-France, Ann, Eugene, Chris and Lisa – THANKS FOR WELCOMING ME INTO THE KIMBIT FAMILY!

With immense gratitude, #DentistKimbit

p.s. Thanks to Paul, Jean, Simu, Andrea, Andrew, Nicole, Getenesh, Sugith, Ben, Rodrigo, Michael, Gwynne, Jenny, Christina, Amanda, Akosua, Ziad, John, Shaleen, Kristopher, Kayla – and all the other actors I have missed in the list above. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PART IN CREATING THE BEST CANADIAN TV SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!