Just wanting to help…

Well… my dental clinic here in Ottawa has been given notice by the provincial government to re-open again in the near future. As I said in my first blog post here at kimbits.org, I am truly grateful for having met so many new friends during my short and intense 2-month term as #KimbitDentist. I do want to make a few things clear in this blog post:

(1) Every on-line project that I was involved in and/or directing was done primarily to promote “Kim’s Convenience” and its cast members.…

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After deciding to take a plunge into the #Kimbits social media world (in particular Twitter!!!), I’ve familiarized myself with the power of the hashtag. After learning to play piano as a child, I understood the # symbol to represent a sharp note. Through my formative education years, the # symbol took on another meaning: short-hand for the word “number” (e.g. Apt #1411). But Twitter proved to me that the # symbol possesses a lot of power on social media – the hashtag symbol identifies a keyword that is recognizable for SEO (still don’t know how or even WHAT search engine optimization is…).…

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The Toronto TV Show Tournament of Champions Finals!

This one’s for all the marbles! Please vote for Kim’s Convenience as your favourite Toronto-based show! Let’s bring it home, Kimbits!

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