Kim’s Convenience Cast Hangout


Yes, there’s another Kimbits virtual meet-up. This time, it’s to celebrate the upcoming Netflix international release of Kim’s Convenience season 5!

When: May 29, 2021 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

We will be joined by several special guests and won’t be spoiling season 5.

Free registration is available at

Sign up now as there is limited space! #okseeyou

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Kimbits Wrap Party ticket

Kimbits Wrap Party

Hello fellow Kimbits,

We are back for a Kimbits Wrap Party to celebrate the run of CBC’s Kim’s Convenience, and you are invited! This is a live virtual event through Zoom and will be recorded.  

When: April 24, 2021 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

We were hoping that Season 5 would have been available internationally through Netflix by now, but in case you haven’t watched it, please be aware that you may hear spoilers.

Kimbits Wrap Party agenda

You must register in advance for this meeting, and meeting links can not be shared. …

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“Ok, see you”, for the Last Time and What it Means to Me

“Ok, see you.”

To millions of us, those words, strung together in that particular order, have become so much more than a simple way of saying good bye.

They mean, “All are welcome here.”, “Life is more than just pain and uncertainty, it’s joy and acceptance.” and most of all, they mean, “I love you.” All thanks to a little television show about a neighborhood convenience store run by a Korean-Canadian family. What began in early July 2011 on the stage of Toronto’s Bathurst Street Theatre ended on April 12, 2021 on CBC television.…

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Kim’s Convenience S5E1 After Party

Hello Fellow Kimbit,

You are invited to a Zoom meeting!  Please note, this is a FAN EVENT, run by fans, for fans.  

When: Jan 19, 2021 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This takes place immediately after the 1st Episode of Season 5 airs on CBC in Eastern Standard Time (Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Nunavut).  If you are not in the Eastern part of Canada (or haven’t watched the episode for some other reason), you are still free to join us, but please be aware that you may hear spoilers (so if you have access to CBC Gem, we strongly recommend watching the episode before the start time of this event as it will be available on Gem earlier than on CBC).…

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I was trying to come up with a clever title for my first post and I think Kim-unity sums it up perfectly. I’ve been a huge fan of many things growing up: WWF, Saturday morning cartoons, Final Fantasy, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Superman. But I’ve never gone full fledged into their fandom. Who knew that a CBC comedy would be that one interest that reeled me in?

It was the fall of 2016 when Kim’s Convenience debuted.…

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Just wanting to help…

Well… my dental clinic here in Ottawa has been given notice by the provincial government to re-open again in the near future. As I said in my first blog post here at, I am truly grateful for having met so many new friends during my short and intense 2-month term as #KimbitDentist. I do want to make a few things clear in this blog post:

(1) Every on-line project that I was involved in and/or directing was done primarily to promote “Kim’s Convenience” and its cast members.…

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After deciding to take a plunge into the #Kimbits social media world (in particular Twitter!!!), I’ve familiarized myself with the power of the hashtag. After learning to play piano as a child, I understood the # symbol to represent a sharp note. Through my formative education years, the # symbol took on another meaning: short-hand for the word “number” (e.g. Apt #1411). But Twitter proved to me that the # symbol possesses a lot of power on social media – the hashtag symbol identifies a keyword that is recognizable for SEO (still don’t know how or even WHAT search engine optimization is…).…

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The Toronto TV Show Tournament of Champions Finals!

This one’s for all the marbles! Please vote for Kim’s Convenience as your favourite Toronto-based show! Let’s bring it home, Kimbits!

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Grateful for COVID-19…

I have received one tremendous blessing through COVID-19. The quarantine time has allowed me to connect and become friends with a beautiful group of people commonly known on social media as the “Kimbits” – fans of the globally-exploding CBC sitcom “Kim’s Convenience”. The cooler thing about this engagement (save for one connection: I first met #ProfKimbit Daniel Wong back in February at “Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Restaurant” – the same one that is profiled in Season 1 of the show!)…

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